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Ticket Monster Bio

Ticket Monster's Headshot
January 17, 1986
1st Round, 1st Pick
Jock University

Ticket Monster is a friendly, hairy giant who was born in 1986 to Debra and Mitchell Monster in Virginia. When he was attending college at Jock University, his stats were so unbelievable that he decided to dabble in more than one sport, and has been a superstar ever since. At a mere age 23, Ticket was acquired by the Leopards football team as the star quarterback. He also plays baseball for the Beasts, hockey for the Hairies and basketball for the Giants.

The problem with this immense success was because he spent 365 days a year training and playing sports, keeping in touch with friends was difficult. He started to send out free tickets so that they would come enjoy a great sporting event, and hang out afterwards. This was working wonderfully, until he became swamped with practice and forgot all about his friends. In an attempt to take his mind off work, Ticket's best friend Brian planned a visit to one of his games.

The whole purchasing process was a nightmare. The seller was a jerk that claimed the tickets were front-row but lo and behold, they weren't even legitimate. When Brian tried to call the customer-service line of the supposedly "best" ticketing site, it went straight to voicemail. Embarrassed and disappointed, Brian had to call Ticket, and ruin the element of surprise.

Brian couldn't focus on anything other than the flaw in the system during all four quarters. Why wasn't there a website that provided fans a reliable method for purchasing tickets, all while being fun? A light bulb went off, and he knew who to go to for the solution.

Fast-forward to 2014: Ticket Monster and Brian combined their love of being athletes AND being fans by creating a site entirely devoted to the pleasure of going to the show. Everything is as it should be: smooth sailing from the first purchase to the last song of the set. And in case you're wondering, Ticket still plays all of the sports of his childhood; only now Brian is always by his side.