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About Ticket Monster

Tick. Tock. The seconds are racing down the face of the giant scoreboard. There's half a minute left to score the final basket, and carry your team to glory. We know the feeling. Sweat trickles down your face and your palms suddenly feel way too tropical; you feel as though you're on the court among the players. With 3 seconds to spare, Kobe does the unthinkable. Swoosh! The buzzer squawks loudly and the stadium echoes the marvelous sounds of victory.

At Ticket Monster, we don't take this feeling lightly. We understand the buzz that tingles across every cell of your body when you finally get to hear your favorite singer belt out a tune. We get that even the oldest scotch and finest Cuban cigar can't make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a coveted box in Yankee stadium. But most importantly, we realize how easily this experience can take a 180 and go from unbelievable to downright miserable. Scalpers, fake tickets, miscommunications; one wrong move and the win goes to the other team. We guarantee that when you shop with us, the only thing you have to stress about is what sneakers you'll wear court side.

We promise that the price you see, is the price you pay. No surprise fees tacked on at the end, and no 25%-30% service fees poured into our pocket. Unlike our competitors, we truly understand the feeling of price gouging fees at checkout. We, the fans, would never do that to you, the fans.

Point is, we're on the same page as you. Our Iron Guarantee handcuffs our company to your satisfaction. If for any reason there are ever any issues with your purchase at Ticket Monster, we will do our best to try and assist. Now, come on already. Get your tickets. We're gonna be late for the show!

Brian Lefton, Founder